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How to take care of your Sauna
It is recommended that users take a shower prior to entering the sauna room. Before sitting or reclining on benches, place a towel under each person to absorb perspiration.


  • Sweep or vacuum periodically (at least once a week if used heavily) to remove dirt, hair, etc.. from the sauna interior.
  • Wipe walls where people have touched them (e.g. above benches, around doors, and controls) as needed. Use a damp cloth or sponge with a mild solution of soap and water and then rinse well with a damp cloth and plain water. DO NOT USE TOO MUCH WATER as the wood will tend to turn dark. NEVER hose down the interior of a sauna room.
  • If floor is covered with ceramic tile, remove duckboard and wet mop with a mild cleaning solution, rinse well and replace duckboard on clean tile floor. Duckboard may be lightly sanded as needed to remove soil and stains.


  • If the interior walls have been scratched or dented, they may be smoothed by a light hand sanding using fine grade sandpaper.
  • If the wood has darkened (this usually takes a long time) it may be restored by applying a special chemical treatment. These stains are easily removed by using a solution of
    1. 4 ounces Oxalic Acid Crystals per gallon of warm water
    2. 1 cup of trisodium phosphate (TSP)
    3. Use a NON-METALLIC container only.

    Apply the solution to the entire area at one time, using a cloth or soft brush. When the wood dries, rinse with clear water. More than one application may be necessary.

    Oxalic Acid is poisonous and special precautions must be taken.

Wear goggles and rubber gloves and be careful
not to let the acid or solution touch your skin or eyes.

NEVER apply paint, stain or other chemical finishes or sealant to the interior of the sauna. The heat of the room may cause the surface to become too hot to the touch or cause toxic fumes to be released.

Caution must be taken in the use of water on the sauna rocks around the heater.

Good housekeeping will help your sauna to retain the fresh smell it started with. Especially when combined with the diligent use of clean towels on the benches. Should you decide to use an essence or fragrance, it is important that you add it to the water being applied to the rocks and NOT directly to the sauna rocks themselves. Please read any and all warnings supplied by the fragrance manufacturer pertaining to combustibility before using in the sauna room.

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